Health Insurance

Insurance planning

There is a common misconception that Canadians have FREE healthcare. While that understanding may be partially true, the fact is that there are many circumstances where individuals and families are burdened with healthcare expenses not covered by the government, and which they (individuals and families) are unable to cover.

As the Federal, Provincial and Territorial governments focus their attention on other national priorities, it is likely that healthcare spending will come under increased scrutiny – i.e. “cut backs”. Canadians without a practical health insurance plan will find themselves in the unenviable position of having to pay huge healthcare expenses out of their own pockets.

Why Health Insurance Planning Is Important

Canada’s provincial healthcare insurance plans cover only the basics. But many high-cost, yet essential treatments, drugs, therapies and professional health care services aren’t covered.  Prudent health insurance planning can help you avoid being saddled with unexpected or unreasonably high medical expenditure, including specialized dental and vision care, hospitalization expenditure or expensive prescription/non-prescription medication.

If you aren’t covered by an employer health-care plan, are on the verge of losing coverage through a group insurance plan, or feel that your provincial plans just don’t fit your needs, then it’s important to plan for the type of health insurance that meets your needs.

What We Can Do For You

When it comes to planning for the right health care coverage, simply stated, our Health Insurance Planning associates deliver peace of mind! Whether it is for dental care, vision care or medication for specific medical conditions, there are literally hundreds of health insurance plans out there – yet not all of them might be appropriate for every Canadian to sign-up for.

We’ll review the state of your health, and that of your family members, as well as your medical history and your financial situation, and provide actionable recommendations on the right type of health insurance plan, including:

  • Dental and Vision Care plans: Whether you are an individual, someone with a young family, or a senior or an adult with a dependent senior, your vision care and dental care expenses could overwhelm you. Most provincial health care plans don’t offer dental care, while optometry coverage is highly restricted. We’ll help you match the right vision and dental health care insurance plan to cover your needs.

  • Medication and Prescription Drugs: Provincial health coverage often does not cover drugs and medication delivered in a non-hospital setting. If you, or a dependent family-member, are therefore prescribed a costly medication, chances are that you’ll need to provide for it out-of-pocket. The right type of health care plan could cover all or a substantial portion of such costs.

  • Hospitalization and Ambulatory Services: Calling for an ambulance, or requiring extended hospitalization can be an expensive proposition in most provinces – and are not fully covered by provincial healthcare. The right health care insurance plan will not only protect you from the high cost of out-patient drugs and medication, but could also cushion the blow of high in-patient treatments not provided for by government plans.

  • Support and advice: Our Health Insurance Planning specialists will make sure that you are matched with the right plan, based on your financial situation and healthcare needs. We’ll do this by evaluating each plan individually, for metrics like percentage of coverage, maximum annual ceilings, deductibles and dispensing fees and waiting periods before coverage starts.